Yeh Hai India

Yeh Hai India, follows the story of a 25 years old NRI, who is born and brought up in U.K and shares the same stereotype views of India, which is known for its vast population, pollution and poverty. However, protagonist finds new development in media or probably an 'other side of same coin' of India, which is also known for successful mars mission in first attempt, a nation which proudly holds title 'God of Cricket' for Sachin Tendulkar, who is again an Indian and a nation which is known for its holy generosity with icons like Mother Teresa".The film was shot in Rajasthan, Bihar, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The official motion poster of Yeh Hai India released in Jaipur.


DLB Films Pvt. Ltd.

Release Date:

Aug 18, 2017


Action, Adventure, Drama


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Cast & Crew

Director : Lom Harsh

Dialogue Writer : Lom Harsh

Antara Banerjee as Reporter

Gavie Chahal as Micky

Mohan Joshi as Tourist Minister

Surendra Pal as Dadaji

Vishal Sharma as Police Inspector

Deana Uppal as Jenny

Music Director : Raja Hassan

Music Director : Tapesh Panwar

Costume Designer : Manish Tiwari

First Assistant Director : Rohit Gupta

Background Score : Aslam Keyi

Playback Singer : Shahid Mallya

Playback Singer : Raja Hasan

Publicity Designer : Ankit Kumawat

Story Writer : Lom Harsh

Mohan Agashe as Prime Minister

Jan Bostock as Britisher

Lom Harsh as Tourist Minister Son

Ashutosh Kaushik as Pandit

Sadanand Sharma as AJ

Haelyn Shastri as Reporter

Producer : Sandeep Choudhary

Cinematographer : Balaji Rangha

Editor : Vinay Pal

Makeup Designer : Bhuvnesh Jain

First Assistant Director : Manish Panchal

Playback Singer : Nrs

Playback Singer : Madhushree

Playback Singer : Javed Ali

Choreographer : Sudhakar Manjhi

Songs & Lyrics