Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

In an Indian village, a group of women go to a field, away from their village in the early hours of the day to defecate in the open, behind the cover of bushes. Keshav (Akshay Kumar) has to marry a black buffalo because his father (Panditji) is a very religious and superstitious priest, and he believes that his son's marriage to a black buffalo will help improve Keshav's fortune.

Keshav meets Jaya (Bhumi Pednekar), falls in love with her and eventually convinces her to marry him. However, Keshav's father is of the view that Keshav's horoscope is such that he can and should only marry a girl who has two thumbs on one of her hands. Since Jaya does not fulfil this requirement, Keshav has an artificial thumb made and gives it to Jaya who wears it as a ring on her thumb. Keshav's unsuspecting father agrees to their marriage.

On her first morning in Keshav's house, Jaya reluctantly goes to a field to defecate, but comes back agitated without defecating and complains about it to Keshav. Despite Keshav's repeated attempts to convince Jaya to give up her stubbornness about needing a toilet, Jaya remains steadfast. He makes a couple of temporary adjustments to solve the problem, first taking her to a neighbour's house who has a portable toilet for a bedridden elderly woman, and later in a train that has a 10-minute stop at the village railway station, without actually constructing a toilet in his house, but after a while, Jaya gets frustrated and leaves him to live at her parents' house.

After a futile attempt to convince his sarpanch and villagers to build toilets in the village, Keshav, with the help of Jaya, contacts the concerned regulatory authority, and starts the construction of a toilet in his front yard. When the construction is finished, Keshav's father and the sarpanch arrange to demolish the toilet while Keshav is still asleep. But Keshav wakes up before the toilet is completely destroyed and protects it from complete demolition.

Jaya now files for a divorce in the local court citing the unavailability of a toilet in her husband's house as the primary reason for seeking a divorce. Due to its unique nature, the case gets a lot of media attention. Politicians and the concerned government departments spring into action to hasten the process of constructing toilets in Keshav's village. But Keshav's father remains steadfast on his decision to not have a toilet in his house, until one day, his mother, while going out to defecate, falls on the doorstep, injures her hip and cries vehemently that she can't possibly walk to the fields to defecate, and that she must use the toilet that Keshav constructed in the front yard. After much reluctance, Keshav's father gives in and helps his mother to the toilet. He then realises that a toilet is indeed a critical requirement within a household.

On the day of the hearing of the divorce case of Keshav and Jaya, the judge gets an official notice from the Chief Minister's office urging the judge to not grant their divorce as the construction of toilets in their village shall be started the very next day. The couple comes out together happily. Keshav's father apologises to Jaya for his foolish stubbornness. In the end credits, villagers are shown lining up to use mobile toilets outside their village while the construction of toilets throughout the village goes on.


Abundantia Entertainment, Plan C Studios, Viacom18 Motion Pictures, Kriaj Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Cape of Good Films

Release Date:

Aug 11, 2017




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Cast & Crew

Director : Shree Narayan Singh

Dialogue Writer : Siddharth-Garima

Akshay Kumar as Keshav

Bhumi Pednekar as Jaya

Sana Khaan as Keshav's Girl Friend

Ayesha Raza as Vidya

Shubha Khote as Daadi

Atul Srivastava as Jagdish

Rati Shankar Tripathi as Sarpanch

Kimti Anand as Pradhan

Producer : Arjun N. Kapoor

Co-Producer : Karan Shah

Cinematographer : Anshuman Mahaley

Production Designer : Udai Prakash Singh

Costume Designer : Darshan Jalan

Assistant Director : Anushka Anand

Assistant Director : Shubhagat Chowdhury

Assistant Director : Raghav Jairath

Assistant Director : Sharanjeet Singh

Sound Designer : Debasish Mishra

Action Director : Abbas Ali Moghul

Background Score : Anamik Chauhan

Story Writer : Siddharth-Garima

Screenplay Writer : Siddharth-Garima

Anupam Kher as Kakka

Rajesh Sharma as Mathur

Gunjan Malhotra as Anu

Divyendu Sharma as Naru

Mukesh Bhatt as Rastogi

Sudhir Pandey

Vikas Pal as Hari, keshav's friend

Producer : Shital Bhatia

Co-Producer : Neeraj Pandey

Co-Producer : Prerna Arora

Editor : Shree Narayan Singh

Costume Designer : Neelanchal Ghosh

Associate Director : Manoj Rajdutt

Assistant Director : Raj Chauhan

Assistant Director : Ashu Goswami

Assistant Director : Gaurav Sharma

First Assistant Director : Ashish Rampal

Visual Effects : Prince Chaurasia

Publicity Designer : Ravi Kachhawa

Choreographer : Krutik Mazire

Songs & Lyrics

  Toilet Ka Jugaad
  Subah Ki Train
  Gori Tu Latth Maar
  Hans Mat Pagli