Partition: 1947

Lord Louis Mountbatten (Hugh Bonneville) arrives at Viceroy's House in Delhi in 1947 with his strong-willed wife Edwina (Gillian Anderson) and daughter Pamela. As the final Viceroy of India, he is in charge of overseeing the dissolution of the British Raj and the establishment of an independent Indian nation. Mountbatten attempts to mediate a disagreement between the two major Indian political leaders, Jawaharlal Nehru, who wants India to remain intact as one nation after independence, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who wishes to establish the separate Muslim state of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Mountbatten's newly-arrived valet Jeet (Manish Dayal) encounters the beautiful Alia (Huma Qureshi), whom he had fallen in love with previously. Alia continues to spurn Jeet because he is Hindu and she Muslim; she fears that she will disappoint her invalid father Ali (Om Puri).

With riots erupting across India, the British decide to accelerate the independence process. Mountbatten is intent upon a one-state solution, but with intensifying violence between Muslims and Hindus he reluctantly accepts the Partition of India. He is given only a couple months to carve out a separate state from the existing territory, with the help of an inexperienced English lawyer, Cyril Radcliffe (Simon Callow). Jeet continues to pursue Alia, until it is revealed that she has been betrothed since childhood to another man. The servants at Viceroy's House are forced to choose between staying in India or going to Pakistan.

Mountbatten is enraged to find that his Chief of Staff Lord Ismay (Michael Gambon), has been working covertly to draw the boundaries of Pakistan in order to create a buffer state between the Indian subcontinent and the Soviet Union. He realizes that he has been used as a pawn and the displacement of millions of people will result. Jeet is devastated to learn meanwhile that his entire family has been slaughtered in Punjab. Although Alia rejects her fiancé when he returns to claim her, she chooses to depart for Pakistan with her father. Days later Jeet reads in the newspaper that the night train she had boarded was attacked and everyone was killed. In anger he brandishes a knife at Mountbatten, before resigning his post.

With Delhi overwhelmed with refugees, the Mountbattens decide to stay on in India to assist where they can. While Jeet volunteers to help with the refugees, Alia is brought in badly injured but alive, the lone survivor of the train attack. She recognizes Jeet and shouts for him, and the two are reunited.


BBC Films

Release Date:

Aug 18, 2017


Biography, Drama, History


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Cast & Crew

Director : Gurinder Chadha

Screenplay Writer : Gurinder Chadha

Story Writer : Larry Collins

Story Writer : Narendra Singh Sarila

Gillian Anderson as Lady Edwina Mountbatten

Huma Qureshi as Aalia Noor

Om Puri as Ali Rahim Noor

Simon Callow as Cyril Radcliffe

Neeraj Kabi as Mahatma Gandhi

Lily Travers as Pamela Mountbatten

Arunoday Singh as Asif

Darshan Jariwala as Guptaji

Raj Zutshi as Head Chef

Raja Samar Singh Sarila as ADC Sayed Ahsan

Hriiday Malhotra as Sanjit

Shreen Khan as Manu

Lucy Fleming as Lady Wavell

Noah Zeiler as Henry Grady

Rajat Anand as Muslim Guard

Robin Soans as Sir Evan Meredith Jenkins

Nitin Sharma as Army Driver

Nicholas Blane as Sir Olaf Kirkpatrick Caroe

Yusuf Khurram as Sadar Patel

Anil Bhagwat as Liaquat Ali Khan

Aly Van Den Berg as Miss Hudson

Kamal Karamchandani as Maulana Azad

Navpreet Singh as Camp Announcer

Producer : Gurinder Chadha

Co-Producer : Simon Perry

Co-Producer : Pravesh Sahni

Music Director : A.R. Rahman

Editor : Valerio Bonelli

Production Designer : Laurence Dorman

Art Director : Ravi Srivastava

Makeup Designer : Jacqueline Fowler

Assistant Director : Dhaval Sadrani

First Assistant Director : Lance Roehrig

Sound Designer : Eilam Hoffman

Visual Effects : Kristian Talajic

Visual Effects : Daniel Nielsen

Screenplay Writer : Paul Mayeda Berges

Screenplay Writer : Moira Buffini

Story Writer : Dominique Lapierre

Hugh Bonneville as Lord Louis Mountbatten

Manish Dayal as Jeet Kumar

Michael Gambon as Lord Lionel 'Pug' Ismay

David Hayman as Ewart

Denzil Smith as Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Tanveer Ghani as Jawaharlal Nehru

Jaz Deol as Duleep Singh

Roberta Taylor as Miss Reading

Trishaan as Farrukh

Asif Ali Beg as Sous Chef

Samrat Chakrabarti as Mohsin

Gerry George as Winston Churchill

Simon Williams as Lord Wavell

Suryavir Singh as Official

Manish Vashishtha as Hindu Guard

Armin Bhesnia as Miss Fatima Jinnah

Pooja Muchhal as Female Attendant 1

Terence Harvey as Sir Fred Burrows

Peter Van Den Berg as Aide de camp

Yusuf Khurram as Sadar Patel

Jasbir Singh Bagga as Baldev Singh

Eran Bein as Eric Mieville

Majid Khan as Acharya Kripalani

Producer : Paul Mayeda Berges

Producer : Deepak Nayar

Co-Producer : Paul Ritchie

Co-Producer : Sean Wheelan

Cinematographer : Ben Smithard

Editor : Victoria Boydell

Art Director : Mat Bergel

Costume Designer : Keith Madden

Assistant Director : Manish Mahariya

First Assistant Director : Udayan Baijal

First Assistant Director : Aditya Tendulkar

Visual Effects : Alan Banis

Visual Effects : Magnus Olsson

Songs & Lyrics

  Do Dilon Ke
  Duma Dum Mast Kalander