Oonche Log

Major Chandrakant is retired army official. Though he is blind, he can 'see' things with his mind's eye and command and respect of those who come into contact with him. He has two sons. The elder is Srikant a police inspector highly consious of his duties while the younger, Rajnikant is a lothario, studying in a city college. Rajnikant returns to his home on a short holiday. A letter addressed to him, but mistakenly opened by his brother Srikant, reveals that Rajnikant has a girl friend and she is to bear a child for him.

Rajnikant confesses his act of indiscretion to his brother. Srikant, thereupon, appeals to him to return to his girl friend and get married to her, unmindful of their father's wrath. Rajnikant appears to listen to his elder brother's advice and leaves his home to join his girl friend, though he has different ideas about settling account with her. Did Rajnikant marry his pregnant girl friend ? Did major come to know about it ? 'Oonche log' tells it all.

Release Date:

Jan 01, 1970


Musical, Drama, Family, Thriller,


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Cast & Crew

Producer : Chitrakala

Music Director : Chitragupta

Ashok Kumar

Feroz Khan


Director : Phani Majumdar

Kumud Tripathi

Raj Kumar

K. R. Vaidya

Tarun Bose

Songs & Lyrics