Oh Darling Yeh Hai India

Don Quixote is a Bombay-based gangster. His dream is to take control of India, and sell it at a well-attended and much publicized auction. In order to fulfill this dream, he recruits five men - all resembling the Indian President and subjects them to vigorous training in order to takeover from the Head of State. That done, he selects one of them, Nathuram and eliminates the others. He then arranges the Presidents' abduction. Nathuram replaces him - and the stage is set for the biggest auction in Earth's history - when India will be sold to the highest bidder!

Release Date:

Jan 01, 1970


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Cast & Crew

Producer : Ketan Mehta

Music Director : Ranjit Barot

Story Writer : Ketan Mehta

Shahrukh Khan as Hero

Javed Jaffrey as Prince of Don

Amrish Puri as Don Qixote

Tinnu Anand

Cinematographer : W. B. Rao

Playback Singer : Alisha Chinai

Playback Singer : Shankar Mahadevan

Director : Ketan Mehta

Screenplay Writer : Parvati Balagopalan

Screenplay Writer : Deepa Sahi

Deepa Sahi as Miss India

Anupam Kher as President of India / Nathuram

Tom Alter as Bidder

Sadashiv Amrapurkar

Playback Singer : Ranjit Barot

Playback Singer : Ranu Mukherjee

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