Raju (Dev Anand) goes abroad for further studies but returns to pursue a career in music. His father, annoyed by this, throws him out of the house. Pushpa (Nutan), his sweetheart encourages Raju's ambitions. Raju bids farewell to Pushpa and promises to come back after achieving his goal. He doesn't keep in touch with Pushpa.

She feels very dejected. To add insult to injury, Premnath, a distant relative who had eyes on Pushpa creates the impression that Raju is in love with Titli. The romantic drama of 'Manzil' surges forward towards a superb climax...'Chupke Se Mile Pyaase Pyaase' was the most notable song in the film.

Release Date:

Jan 01, 1970


Drama, Family, , ,


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Cast & Crew

Producer : Kalpana Pictures

Music Director : S. D. Burman

Badri Prasad

Manmohan Krishna


David Abraham

Director : Mandi Burman

Pratima Devi

Achla Sachdev


Dev Anand

K. N. Singh

Songs & Lyrics