Love In Simla

Sonia (Sadhana) is a girl who’s living with her uncle and his family after her parents were killed in an accident. Here, she is very unhappy as the whole family, including her cousin Sheela (Azra) ill-treats her. When Dev (Joy Mukherjee) a suitor of Sheela’s turns up at their home, Sheela warns Sonia to stay away out of sight. Sonia is furious and vows that she will get Dev for herself – and have him begging on his knees for her, Sonia’s, hand in marriage…

Release Date:

Jan 01, 1970


Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family,


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Cast & Crew

Director : R. K. Nayyar

Story Writer : Aga Jani Kashmiri

Music Director : Iqbal Qureshi

Editor : Indu Kumar

Sadhana Shivdasani as Sonia

Kishore Sahu as General Rajpal Singh (Sonia's uncle)

Durga Khote as Sonia's grandmother

Hari Shivdasani as Announcer

Bazid Khan

Ravi Tandon

Saibee Sabherwal

Producer : Sashadhar Mukherjee

Story Writer : R. K. Nayyar

Cinematographer : D. K. Dhuri

Joy Mukherjee as Dev Kumar Mehra

Azra as Sheela

Shobhna Samarth as Mrs. Rajpal Singh (Sheela's mom)

Vijayalaxmi as Vijaya

Master Ramesh

Fouza Singh

Kiran Kumar

Songs & Lyrics