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Coffee Bloom

Coffee Bloom Movie

Year: 2015

Genre: Romance, Drama

Producer: Harish Amin

Director: Manu Warrier

Cast: Arjun Mathur , Sugandha Garg , Mohan Kapoor | See full cast and crew


Dev, though a self proclaimed wise man finds comfort in being a loser, having given up on life as a result of a love gone wrong. A life changing event takes him on a journey to a coffee plantation. There he meets Anika,once the love of his life, now his boss. Love blooms in an idyllic setting, bringing Dev out of his self imposed funk and Dev finds a new reason to live. A terrible misunderstanding pushes him into taking drastic measures. Much is at stake as the yearly bloom is round the corner. And Dev is confronted with his past, present and future – all at once.

Full Cast and Crew

Harish Amin ... Producer

Manu Warrier ... Director

Arjun Mathur
Sugandha Garg
Mohan Kapoor
Sharath Parvathavani
Nandini Sen
Ishwari Bose-Bhattacharya

Tess Joseph ... Executive Producer

Sharath Parvathavani ... Co-Producer

Harish Amin ... Co-Producer

Nitin Chandrachud ... Co-Producer

Rajeev Acharya ... Co-Producer

Tanuja Amin ... Co-Producer

Tess Joseph ... Co-Producer

Prasad Ruparel ... Music Director

Manu Warrier ... Story Writer

Sharath Parvathavani ... Story Writer

Manu Warrier ... Screenplay Writer

Sharath Parvathavani ... Screenplay Writer

Yogesh Jani ... Cinematographer

Anand Subaya ... Editor


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Coffee Bloom (2015)