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Happy New Year


The film revolves around 6 'losers'; Charlie ( Shah Rukh Khan ), Mohini ( Deepika Padukone ), Nandu ( Abhishek Bachchan ), Tammy ( Boman Irani ), Jag ( Sonu Sood ), Rohan ( Vivaan Shah ) and their hunt for revenge and respect.

Charlie is a street fighter who longs for revenge for his father who was framed as a thief by Charan Grover ( Jackie Shroff ). He makes a mastermind plan to steal the Shalimar Diamonds from Grover and to frame him just like he had done to his father, Manohar Sharma ( Anupam Kher ). However, in order to do this he needs to make a team. First he finds his childhood friend Jag, a former bomb disposal squad Captain. Then he finds a safe cracker, Tammy, his father's best friend and a hacker, Rohan, Jag's nephew. When they realise that they need to have the finger prints of Charan's son, Vikki (Abhishek Bachchan), Charlie finds Nandu, a look alike of Vikki. They start planning how to steal the diamonds.

Now they only have one problem, they have to take part in World Dance Championship. As hard as they try, they can't dance. So they find a bar dancer, Mohini ( Deepika Padukone ) to teach them how to dance with out telling her their plan. After a lot of rehearsals and cheating, Team Diamonds become Team India in WDC. During this time period, Charlie and Mohini start falling in love with each other.

When they arrive at  Dubai , everyone dislikes them including Grover. However they rehearse and become semi finalists. Their plan was to steal the diamonds after dancing in the semi final, but they have to change their plan as the diamonds are reaching on  New Year's Eve  instead of  Christmas . Unexpectedly, they are chosen as finalists as Charlie had saved a young boy's life from the rivals team and left his own performance.

Things take a turn when Mohini over hears Charlie going through the plan. Just as she is about to leave, Charlie stops her and explains why they had to do this. He also reveals that his father isn't in jail but committed suicide. This leaves Mohini emotional and she decides to help the other five. On the night of the finals, everything goes as planned and they manage to steal the diamonds after a couple of complications. However, Mohini realises that everyone is waiting for them to perform and decides to stay as their country would be let down. Rohan decides to help Mohini. Suddenly, Tammy realises that Mohini is right and he, Nandu and Jag decide to go to perform leaving Charlie alone.

During the performance, Charlie makes an unexpected entry and the team perform extremely well. When Grover realises that the diamonds are missing he instantly blames Team India but as the whole team are dancing, he is arrested just like planned. Team India are declared winners of World Dance Championship 2014. Just as the police are taking Grover away, Charlie reveals who he actually is to Charan and manages to find justice for his father. The film ends with Mohini opening her dance school and Charlie proposing to her with a ring made of a Shalimar diamond and the team becoming 'winners' from 'losers'.

Full Cast and Crew

Deepika Padukone ... Mohini Joshi
Shah Rukh Khan ... Chandramohan Sharma (Charlie)
Abhishek Bachchan ... Nandu Bhide/Vicky Grover
Sonu Sood ... Jagmohan Prakash (Jag)
Boman Irani ... Temhton Irani (Tammy)
Vivaan Shah ... Rohan Singh
Jackie Shroff ... Charan Grover


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Happy New Year (2014)