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Haider Movie

Year: 2014

Banner: Vishal Bhardwaj Pictures Pvt. Ltd. , UTV Motion Pictures , Walt Disney Pictures

Genre: Drama

Producer: Irrfan Khan , Vishal Bhardwaj

Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

Cast: Shahid Kapoor , Tabu , Irrfan Khan | See full cast and crew


The film is a drama focusing on human tragedy and revolves around a character called "Haider" who wants to avenge his father's murder at the hands of his uncle. [6] The film stars Shahid Kapoor (as "Haider") paired opposite  Shraddha Kapoor  (as "Arshi"), a journalist by profession and Haider's love-interest. Actress  Tabu  (as "Ghazala") essays the role of his mother who marries her brother-in-law  Kay Kay Menon  ("as Khurram") after her husband is taken away by the army for treating a militant.

The story unfolds with Haider feels betrayed by his uncle for making his mother fall in love with him. He is looking for his father all police stations and detention camps. There is no clue of him and he is equally depressed by his mother's relationship with this uncle. One fine day he comes across a mysterious person Roohdaar(Irrfan Khan), who is a part of seperatist movement and narrates to him that he had met his father in one of the detention camps and he survived to tell the story of his brother's betrayal. His father leaves a message for Haider, i.e. to take revenge of his brother's betrayal. Thereafter angry and swearing to avenge his father's death he becomes mentally and emotionally scattered and starts to behave and act strangely. His uncle narrates to him that Roohdar (unknown to him that Haider has already met him) has killed his father. He is in dual mind as to which narration is the correct one. He discloses his state of indecision to Arshia and also states that Roohdar has given him a gun to him in order to kill his uncle. Arshia unintentionally discloses this in front of his father who informs Khurram who orders to send him in a mental institution. Next morning haider is all set to kill his uncle but does not do it because his uncle is doing prayer and hence is captured by Arshia's father who orders to kill him but he is able to escape. He contacts Roohdaar who informs him that in order to get revenge he must do training and would be sent to Pakistan, to which he agress. Haider calls his mother and informs her about it to which she asks him to meet her just once before going to the other side of border. There his mother Ghazala discloses that she just disclosed about terrorists hiding in their house out of fear to Khurram not knowing that he is an informer of the army. Arshia's father traces them and is about to attack Haider when Haider shots him in the head and thus escaping. Tormented from her father's death at the hands of Haider Arshia is deeply hurt and commits suicide. Meanwhile Ghazala finds Roohdar's number from Arshia's diary and she calls him. Haider goes to his pickup point, i.e. the graveyard where his father was buried. Staying near the graveyard unware of Arshia's death see's his brother and it hits his mind that the body is of Arshia. He runs towards her body where his brother sees him and calls to inform to Khurram. A fight ensues between Haider and Arshia's brother resulting in Haider wounding and Arshia's brother's death. Khurram arrives with full force and a gunfight ensues, meanwhile Roohdaar and Ghazala also arrive at the spot. A fierce exchange of bullets and bombs leaving only Haider and few men on Khurram's side Alive. Just when Khurram is about to kill Haider with a rocket launcher Ghazala requests one chance to convince Haider to surrender. she goes to Haider confronts him but says that he cannot die before avenging his father's death. Ghazala tells him that revenge only results in revenge their is no ending to it, but Haider determined to avenge his father's death does not understands and thus Ghazala after hugging him with all the warmth and care of mother's love leaves him and steps outside just to reveal that she is wearing a suicide vest to which Khurram and Haider run towards her but she pulls the pins resulting in a big blast causing the death of the rest of the men and Khurram being gravely injured with his legs being amputated due to the blast. Haider goes to his mother's remains ,cries a lot and goes to Khurram in order to shoot him in the eyes but his mother's words "revenge only results in revenge" leaves Khurram. Khurram begs Haider to kill him to free him from burden of guilt and to avenge his father's death but Haider doesn't do it and leaves.

Full Cast and Crew

Irrfan Khan ... Producer

Vishal Bhardwaj ... Producer

Vishal Bhardwaj ... Director

Shahid Kapoor ... Haider
Tabu ... Ghazala, Haider's mother
Irrfan Khan ... Haider's father
Kay Kay Menon ... Haider's uncle
Shraddha Kapoor ... Arshia
Narendra Jha
Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Lalit Parimoo
Ashish Vidyarthi
Aamir Bashir
Sumit Kaul
Rajat Bhagat


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Haider (2014)