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Radhe (Salman Khan) is a hard-core gangster . A sharp-shooter with a sharp brain, he works for Gani Bhai (Prakash Raj), the dreaded Mafioso, on his own terms. Totally fearless, Radhe singlehandedly eliminates Gani Bhai's enemies, one by one - making more enemies in the process. The man is devoid of any principles; he is arrogant, ruthless and does not care about the emotions of other people.

Radhe's astounded when young and pretty Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia) professes her affection for him. Inspector Talpade's (Mahesh Manjrekar) lustful eyes fall on Jhanvi. He doesn't know that Jhanvi has developed a soft spot for Radhe. Jhanvi is a very simple innocent and a naive girl and she believes that everything is good in the world and nothing is bad. After she meets Radhe she realizes that all her previous notions were wrong and life after that becomes a roller coaster ride for her. There is a transition in her character then.

Whether it's Golden's (Aseem Merchant) gang or Datta Pawle's Gang, everybody wants the biggest piece of the lucrative cake that is Mumbai and the only way to get it is to eliminate whoever gets in the way. As Mumbai reels under bloody gang wars, Commissioner Ashraf Khan (Govind Namdeo) vows to make the city crime-free and starts his campaign by arresting 200 criminals.

Gani Bhai comes back to Mumbai, kills Datta Pawle and ends up arrested by Commissioner Ashraf Khan. His gang retaliate by making a lewd video of his daughter. While she is tortured she reveals that there is a police informant in their gang.

On research they find outh that he's the son of former police officer Shrikant Shekhawat (Vinod Khanna) who now runs a fitness center. Upon killing him, Gani Bhai ensures that his son will perform his last rites. They find out that the mole is none other than Radhe and go into hiding.

Radhe forces Talpade to take him to the hideout. There, he engages in a mass shootout where he kills everyone, and finally slits Gani Bhai's throat with a piece of mirror, killing him.

Radhe then tells ths Commissioner that his daughter is safe and Gani Bhai is dead and also tells him that Talpade was killed fighting them. When Talpade questions this, Radhe shoots him down, saying : Ek baar jo maine commitment kardi, uske baad toh main khud ki bhi nahin sunta and the credits roll on the left side of a freeze frame of Radhe's face. Then the title song starts.

Full Cast and Crew

Sahara One Motion Pictures ... Producer

S. K. Films Enterprises ... Producer

Prabhu Deva ... Director

Salman Khan ... Radhe / Shrikant Rajveer Shekhawat
Ayesha Takia ... Jhanvi
Vinod Khanna ... Shrikant Shekhawat
Mahesh Manjrekar ... Inspector Talpade
Prakash Raj ... Gani Bhai
Aseem Merchant ... Golden
Govind Namdeo ... Ashraf Khan
Inder Kumar ... Ajay
Prateeksha Lonkar ... Laxmi (Jhanvi's Mother)

Anil Kapoor ... Special Appearance

Balraj Irani ... Executive Producer

Arjun Kapoor ... Executive Producer

Sajid-Wajid ... Music Director

Shiraz Ahmed ... Story Writer

Shiraz Ahmed ... Dialogue Writer

Nirav Shah ... Cinematographer

S. Sriram ... Cinematographer

Sanjay Sankla ... Editor

Dilip Deo ... Editor

Prabhu Deva ... Choreographer

Rajiv Surti ... Choreographer

Vaibhavi Merchant ... Choreographer

Raju Sunderam ... Choreographer

Kamaal Khan ... Playback Singer

Sunidhi Chauhan ... Playback Singer

Shaan ... Playback Singer

Shreya Ghoshal ... Playback Singer

Nikita Nigam ... Playback Singer

Earl ... Playback Singer

Salman Khan ... Playback Singer


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