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Race Movie

Year: 2008

Banner: Tips Films

Producer: Kumar S. Taurani

Director: Abbas-Mastan

Cast: Anil Kapoor , Saif Ali Khan , Akshaye Khanna | See full cast and crew


Race is the story of two brothers – Ranvir Singh (Saif Ali Khan) and Rajeev Singh (Akshaye Khanna), who live on the edge of life. They have a Horse Racing business and they usually succeed in anything they do.

Character sketches:

Saif Ali Khan ... Ranvir singh
Ranvir is the older of the two brothers. He is a ruthless businessman who will not stop at anything to win the game. Playing with danger is his passion, and outsmarting his opponents is his favourite pastime.

Akshaye Khanna ... Rajeev singh
The younger of the two brothers, Rajeev is spoilt, laidback, and happy to be so. But underneath the surface there lurks an anger which he tries to rein in with liquor. As a result, both anger and liquor get the better of him and end up controlling him.

Anil Kapoor ... Robert D’ Costa(R.D.)
Robert is a private detective with the deceptive air of an idiot. He is constantly eating fruits while solving a case. He is sharp, resourceful and quick. His appearance in the story makes the plot thicken as he unravels one lie after the other.

Bipasha Basu ... Sonia
Sonia is a beautiful and glamourous model with a shady past. She is looking for a man who will keep her in his heart. She is waiting for the rich and famous Ranvir Singh to propose to her.

Katrina Kaif ... Sophia
Sophia is Ranvir’s beautiful and innocent looking secretary who manages all his important affairs. She is indispensable to Ranvir, who trusts her completely, but does not reciprocate her love.

Sameera Reddy ...Mini
Mini is the attractive and sexy assistant of Robert D Costa. As dumb as a blonde can be without actually being blonde, Mini constantly asks stupid questions and is mostly relegated by her boss to cutting fruits or doing menial jobs.

Ranvir (Saif Ali Khan) and Rajiv (Akshaye Henna) are half brothers who own a huge stud farm in Durban, South Africa. They breed horses on their huge ranch house and are also the biggest bookies in the horse racing circuit.

Ranvir the elder of the two is known to be a very shrewd man. He is very aggressive, and is always on the move. His half brother Rajiv on the other hand is very laid back, and is also a chronic alcoholic.

Sophia (Katrina Kaif) is Ranvir's personal secretary. She adores her boss and loves him. Ranvir is totally unaware of her feeling and regards her adoration as her efficiency. Shaina (Bipasha Basu) is an upcoming Indian ramp model in Durban.
She and Ranvir share a very beautiful relationship, which is just on the borderline of love. R.D. (Anil Kapoor) is a flamboyant police detective who lives by his wits.

He has a strange addiction to fruits. He provides the film with witty humor and a very intriguing murder investigation. Mini (Sameera Raddy) is R.D's personal assistant. She is as dumb as a blonde can be, in spite of being a brunette.

Shaina loves Ranvir but through a twist of fate gets married to his younger brother Rajiv. When she discovers that Rajiv is a chronic alcoholic, her world is shattered. Ranvir too is disturbed as he has sacrificed his love for his younger brother because Rajiv had promised him that if he gets married to Shaina, he will leave alcohol forever.

Rajiv after getting married breaks his promise and the story starts getting complicated. In a weak moment Ranvir and Shaina come very close to each other, and an affair starts between the younger brother's wife and the elder brother. When the younger brother starts suspecting his wife, all hell breaks loose.

A murder is committed, a contract killing is issued, double crossings become the order of the day, betrayals are executed at the blink of an eye, and a point comes where you cannot pick the good from the bad, the evil from the righteous and the tame from the wild. A sharp tongued detective R.D., getting wise on the proceedings, starts an intriguing investigation with his brainless bimbo assistant Mini, and the story starts to move at a breakneck speed, full of unexpected twists and turns making the climax of the movie impossible to predict. A back drop of horse racing, the beautiful locales of Durban and edge of the seat excitement are the crux of Race.

Full Cast and Crew

Kumar S. Taurani ... Producer

Abbas-Mastan ... Director

Anil Kapoor ... Robert D’ Costa(R.D.)
Saif Ali Khan ... Ranvir singh
Akshaye Khanna ... Rajeev singh
Sameera Reddy ... Mini
Katrina Kaif ... Sophia
Bipasha Basu ... Sonia

Pritam ... Music Director

Shiraz Ahmed ... Story Writer

Anurag Prapanna ... Dialogue Writer

Sameer ... Lyricist

Ravi Yadav ... Cinematographer

Hussain Burmawala ... Editor

Bosco-Caesar ... Choreographer

Ganesh Acharya ... Choreographer


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Race (2008)