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Welcome Movie

Year: 2007

Banner: A. G. Nadiadwala

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Producer: Firoz A. Nadiadwala

Director: Anees Bazmee

Cast: Akshay Kumar , Katrina Kaif , Anil Kapoor | See full cast and crew


The movie starts off with Dr. Ghunghroo (Paresh Rawal) looking for a decent and suitable bride for his nephew Rajiv (Akshay Kumar). All Dr. Ghunghroo wants is a decent family that doesn't have a trace that leads to prison or a criminal record. Then the story goes to Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar) who always wanted to be an actor but ends up being a don. He too is looking for someone for his little sister Sanjana (Katrina Kaif),But whenever a family finds out that Shetty is a don everyone runs away.

As Rajiv is at a party he sees kids playing with firecrackers and goes up to them saying that they have it pointed the wrong way, and they should point it straight.But the opposite happens he points the rocket straight up hoping it goes straight into the sky. Instead its flys around and into a store. The store catches on fire and someone is trapped the victum trapped is sanjana. When Rajiv goes into save her he sees her and in a blink of an eye he falls in love.But yet again the opposite happens. Sanjana ends up saving Rajiv.

Everytime Rajiv closes or opens his eyes he only sees Sanjana. As Rajiv is returning from an auction then enters Majnoo Bhai (Anil Kapoor). He always wanted to be a painter but ends up to be a don. He stops moving cars and holds everyone in place just to paint. Rajiv was one of those people who was driving and stands up and shows what kind of a respectable person he is. Majnoo sees this and knows Uday shetty wants a decent, respectable groom. So he goes to Uday Shetty and mentions it to him, and Uday Shetty agrees.

Majnoo bhai knows that the only way to the groom is Dr. Ghunghroo. So Majnoo Bhai threatens Dr. Ghunghroo and the only way out for Dr. Ghunghroo is Uday Shetty. So then Majnoo Bhai leaves Dr. Ghunghroo alone when Dr. Ghunghroo goes to Uday Shetty, and Dr. Ghunghroo seeing Uday as a respectable, decent man and decides to get Rajiv married to Uday Shetty's sister Sanjana who is the same Sanjana that Rajiv is in love with, but no one knows that. Dr. Ghunghroo literally runs to Rajiv and tells him Rajiv is upset that his uncle has picked some one to marry, but then the whole family finds out then they try to run away from there problem.

They are in another country until Rajiv's uncle meets a suitable girl and goes to Rajiv. Rajiv is opposed to the idea til he sees the picture of the girl and it turns out to be Sanjana. Then in a blink of an eye Sanjana falls in love and they decide to get married as fast as possible. Rajiv meets Uday shetty and agrees on the marrige, and Uday Shetty cancels the wedding with Dr. Ghungroo by sending Majnoo. Majnoo goes to tells Dr. Ghungroo but then Rajiv comes back and says he is going to get married to someone who has a brother bigger then him. Majnoo bhai stressing that who could it be who's a bigger don then me. Then Uday Shetty invites Rajiv's whole family to an opening to his hotel. When Rajiv and his family arrives they greet Uday and he turns around both Uday Shetty and Dr. Ghunghroo reconize each other and Dr. Ghunghroo faints. That is when they all find out it is the same family. Then Majnoo threatens Rajiv and Rajiv says he will not marry in fear. Then Uday shetty and Majnoo apologize just another one of their dramas, but Dr. Ghungroo still doesn't agree. Then Uday shetty's and Majnoo bhai's older brother comes RDX (Feroz Khan). Then they have a party and have the engagement until in enters Ishika (Malika Sherawat) as a wife of Rajiv. She begs RDX to not let Rajiv marry sanjana and stop this sharade. RDX agrees and every decision he makes is final. But Ishika is Rajiv's cousin it was another drama by his uncle.

Turns out Rajiv's mom had married a criminal thats why his uncle doesn't want him to marry into a criminal family. So the only thing Rajiv can do is change their ways. He tricks Uday shetty into falling in love with Ishika but majnoo keeps bringing him back to that life. So he tricks majnoo too into falling in love with ishika and he succeeds. But RDX's son finds out and tries to kill Rajiv and Sanjana points the gun up in the air to give Lucky a scare. But again the opposite happens lucky gets shot. So Rajiv takes the blame and the whole family and in-laws try to keep it from RDX but he still finds out and RDX tries to kill all of them. But RDX too changes his ways because Rajiv saves lucky RDX's son

Full Cast and Crew

Firoz A. Nadiadwala ... Producer

Anees Bazmee ... Director

Akshay Kumar
Katrina Kaif
Anil Kapoor
Nana Patekar
Mallika Sherawat

Himesh Reshammiya ... Music Director

Anand Raj Anand ... Music Director

Anees Bazmee ... Story Writer

Base Industries Group ... Distributor


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Welcome (2007)