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Durga Khote

Durga Khote (14 January 1905− 22 September 1991) was an Indian actress, active in Hindi and Marathi cinema, as well as theatre, for over 50 years, from 1931 to 1983. In 2000, in a millenium issue, India Today, a leading magazine, chose her among 100 people Who Shaped India, as it noted that, \"Durga Khote marks the pioneering phase for woman in Indian Cinema.\". Early life She was born in a traditional Mumbaikar Goud Saraswat Brahmin family (Surname Laud) in present-day Maharashtra. By the age of 26, Durga Khote was a widowed mother. She had to seek work in films in order to support her children. In doing so, she became a pioneer of sorts, as she hailed form a traditional family, and since the film industry at that time was regarded as the preserve of the base and the bawdy. Also, most of the female characters were played by men. Early career Coverpage of Durga Khote\'s Biography \"I Durga Khote\". Translated from Marathi by Shanta Gokhale. Oxford Press. ISBN ...  See full bio


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